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Getty Villa

How to Get Into L.A. Museums For Free

The best things in life are free (at least on a certain Tuesday of each month)

My LA to Z: Chris Jacobs

The co-host of Velocity's Overhaulin' and weekend presenter for the NFL may be a Chicago native, but after 25 years in Cali he's become a full-blown Angeleno. See where he finds perfect ocean views, stellar sushi, and the seedier side of L.A.

Celestial Spectacle: A Total Lunar Eclipse Will Dazzle Angelenos Tonight

At 9:53 p.m. this evening, our pearly white moon will start slipping into the earth’s shadow, gradually approaching the darkest spot behind our planet and creating a rare “blood moon”

LeVar Burton’s G-Rated L.A.

The TV legend shares his favorite family-friendly places

Moby Is Lost In Space

The proud Angeleno shares his three favorite places to get out of this world

CityDig: Constructing Griffith Park

When this map was created in 1935, the old zoo was expanding and the observatory was on its way

Huell Howser Memorialized At Griffith Observatory

Massive Crowd Honors Everybody's Favorite Local TV Star

Huell Howser Memorial: Next Tuesday

Although his family had said there would be no public service or memorial, word comes from councilman Tom LaBonge's office that the city will honor Huell Howser with a tribute.