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Newsom Signs ‘Pink Tax’ Ban and Makes Companies List Pay in Job Ads

Governor Gavin Newson has signed into law bills that outlaw the “pink tax” and makes employers publish pay in help wanted ads
Abortion Rights Protest L.A.

Newsom Signs Massive Abortion and Reproductive Health Bill Package

Gov. Newsom signed 13 abortion protection and reproductive health bills Tuesday in the absence of any federal protections

California is Poised to Ban Prostitution-Related Loitering Arrests

The bill would end arrests for “loitering with the intent to engage in prostitution,” a law critics say targets people based on appearance

Will Gov. Newsom Fumble That Sweet, Sweet $97.5B Budget Surplus?

Thanks to the magic of capital gains taxes, California's flush with cash. But it's unclear if Newsom will learn from the mistakes of the past

Gov. Gavin Newsom Is On A Signing Spree — And It’s Ultra Progressive

Newsom has signed 92 percent of the bills lawmakers have put on his desk, the most in his three years in office
lausd resume school vaccine

California Becomes the First State to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccination for K-12 Students

Once the FDA fully approves COVID-19 vaccines for kids, students will need to get their jabs to attend in-person classes
larry elder

Newsom Aide: Railing Against COVID Response Will Haunt Republican Recall Candidates

“This is a moment in history, and you were either on the right side or the wrong side,” says strategist Ace Smith
drought 2021

The Water Situation Is Bad, and Californians Are Barely Cutting Their Consumption

Amid a historic drought and an appeal to use 15 percent less water, SoCal only cut its consumption by .1 percent year over year in July
recall election

Dems Demand Recall Reform After Republicans’ Massive $276 Million Fail

California’s Secretary of State and other prominent Democrats are exploring how the process could be retooled to "reflect the true will of the people"
larry elder recall

A Crushing Defeat Only Left Larry Elder Hungry for More

Many California voters may be done with the leading recall challenger, but he's made clear he isn't done with California