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xavier becerra

How Republicans Are Trying to Sink Xavier Becerra’s HHS Nomination

Painting Becerra as a left-wing radical, the GOP is putting pressure on certain Dem senators to vote against the confirmation
California legislature

A GOP State Senator Wants ‘Cancel Culture’ Banned by Law

Melissa Melendez's Diversity of Thought Act would aims to make political ideology the same as race, religion, or sexual identity
ted cruz

Tweets Mocking California’s Energy Woes Resurface Amid Texas’s Winter Blackouts

As Texans grapple with power grid failures in the face of freezing weather, Lone Star State lawmakers once again default to blaming—you guessed it—green energy
gop california

The GOP Hopes Bashing California will Divert from National Trump Fatigue

Stoking anxiety by pointing to a supposedly lawless, socialist cesspool on the West Coast is becoming a tried-and-true tactic on the right

House Votes to Cut $40 Billion From Food Stamp Program

Over 1 million people in Los Angeles currently receive food stamps.