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video game union organizing

Video Game and Tech Company Workers Are Turning to Unions for Labor Protection

An industry known for “crunch times” and toxic workplaces is the latest to see a wave of organizing activity
google drug recovery recover together google maps

Google Launches New Feature to Help Drug Users Find Meetings, Rehabs, and More

Google Maps will now display treatment options, from emergency Narcan to long-term rehab
gretchen andrew search engine artist

This Artist Is Tricking the Internet into Making Her Dreams Come True

Gretchen Andrew used to work at Google. Now she makes "search engine art"
venice planters homeless community healing gardens

How Garden Planters Became a Flashpoint in the Venice Gentrification Debate

Who is building hundreds of sidewalk planters in Venice–and why?

Documentary Week on Ask Chris: Googie Architecture

A vintage visit to Bob's, Norms, and Denny's and the most outlandish and exuberant architecture in the history of Los Angeles

Los Angeles Is Teaming Up with Google to Save Angelenos from the Horrors of Slow Internet

The high-speed service makes everything else seem like dial-up, apparently
Self-Driving Cars

California’s Self-Driving Cars Need Accident Forgiveness, Too

Google's autonomous vehicles were rear-ended and broadsided by other drivers

Google Lets You Take Pac-Man Through the Streets of L.A.

This time waster is blowing our minds

L.A. Street Art—Now Powered by Google

The tech giant doubled its database of murals from around the world, then threw a party in the Arts District to celebrate