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L.A. Made GOOD Magazine’s List of the Top 50 “Cities of Possibility”

Editor Rosie Spinks tells us why Los Angeles is great—but not as great as Hong Kong

L.A. Trading Card: Ben Goldhirsh

Get to know the CityThinker behind GOOD Worldwide

GOOD and Neighbor Agency L.A. Organize 1st Annual NeighborDay

The two local organizations teamed up with Venice coffee shops to show that our neighbors are good for more than a cup of sugar.

My LA2050: Project Proposals For A Better Los Angeles

With the help of experts, academics, practitioners, and supporters, The Goldhirsh Foundation will fund ten Angeleno-submitted project proposals with one million in grants.

Afternoon Cram: Anti Smoking PSA Icon Debi Austin Has Died

This and everything else you need to know from today’s local news pages

Battle Royale Meets the Job Hunt

We know at least two things are true about the current economy: there are a lot more people than jobs, and most of us weren’t computer science majors. Now GOOD, a media and social consciousness platform for people “who give a damn” and the Apollo Group, the property behind the University of Phoenix, are merging these realities in a novel social experiment.