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DNA Submitted for Genealogy Research Led Police to the Golden State Killer Suspect

How a relative’s search for family helped cops searching for a murderer

Has the Golden State Killer Finally Been Captured?

Officials say DNA evidence has led them to their man

Michelle McNamara’s Book on the Golden State Killer Comes Out This Month

Read her original story, "In the Footsteps of a Killer," here

Michelle McNamara’s Obsession With Unsolved Crime Was Life-Affirming

The late author wrote a riveting story about the Golden State Killer for Los Angeles magazine. That she won’t ever see him identified is another tragic element of her untimely death

UPDATE: Was The Golden State Killer a Cowboy?

“In the Footsteps of a Killer” writer Michelle McNamara weighs in on one new theory

UPDATE: Investigators Have a New Lead on the Golden State Killer

Will 37-year-old paint flakes lead to his capture?

On a Roll: The Letter to Our Editors That Was Typed Out on T.P.

Reader Michael O. Hardy gave the term "potty language" a whole new meaning when he wrote us a letter on a roll of toilet paper.

Golden State Killer Update: One Victim’s Family Responds to Our Coverage of the Cold Case

The lack of closure in an unsolved case can have a sharpening effect on those left behind. Sally Duray, whose uncle was murdered by the Golden State Killer, shares her experience in a hand-written letter to writer Michelle McNamara

NEW EVIDENCE: Investigators Release a Third Recording Believed to Be of the Golden State Killer’s Voice – NSFW

One month after we launched an online manhunt for the Golden State Killer authorities are releasing new audio evidence from the case. Hear it now