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armie hammer

Armie Hammer Is Accused of Rape as LAPD Investigates Him for Sexual Assault

A woman named Effie came forward at a digital press conference on Thursday, saying, "I thought he was going to kill me"
lisa bloom alki david metoo

The Boorish Billionaire vs. Lisa Bloom: Inside the Most Bizarre #MeToo Trial of the Year

Accused of sexual harassment in a civil trial, bottling heir and hologram entrepreneur Alki David went head to head with a feminist super lawyer—and somehow won

How Lisa Bloom Bounced Back From Controversy

The legal pundit and attorney made a name for herself taking on powerful men—then all hell broke loose

The Embraceable Ewes, L.A.’s First Pro Cheerleaders, Reunite

The 1978 Los Angeles Rams cheer squad didn’t just stand on the sidelines

The Trouble with Oxy

Pilloried over its handling of student sexual assault complaints, Occidental College has altered course. But there's wreckage in the wake

Behind the Pages of “The Trouble With Oxy”

A Q&A with contributor Mona Gable, who writes about Occidental College’s troubled handling of sexual assaults in the February issue

Hello, I’m Attorney Gloria Allred

The rise of Gloria Allred, the highest-profile lawyer in the country