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4 Slices of Carrot Cake to Try Because, You Know, Vegetables Are Good for You

Still the most fun way to get a dose of beta carotene
best bread bakeries los angles gjusta republique seed bakery proof bakery best loaves

The 8 Best Loaves of Bread in L.A.

After blind taste-testing more than 50 local varieties, we reveal the upper crusts
Petit Trois

Petit Trois and Gjusta Among the Nation’s Best New Restaurants

Andrew Knowlton of Bon Appetit shows serious L.A. love

Bon Appétit‘s Best New Restaurants List Features Four L.A. Nominees

After getting snubbed at the 2015 James Beard Awards, L.A. needs a champion now more than ever
Sebastian Roché

My LA to Z: Sebastian Roché

The French-Scottish actor talks hiking with his pups, scenic horseback riding, and nude beaches
Amanda Chantal Bacon

What’s Inside Amanda Chantal Bacon’s Bag

Everything the founder of Moon Juice schlepps around, plus her favorite spots in L.A.

Candy Girl: Why Are We Obsessed with Nicole Rucker?

It might have something to do with these cookies, and hand pies, and “cracker jacks,” and...
Smoked Fish

Best Smoked Fish

Man began preserving seafood with smoke around the time he figured out how to catch it. Today we’re in the midst of a smoked fish renaissance

Top This: The Classic Pot de Crème Gets Macaron’d

In a post-Cronut world, the inventive Pot de Macaron is a sweet surprise