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Ghislaine Maxwell Feels Sorry for Prince Andrew, But Is Grateful for Trump

In Maxwell’s first prison interview since her arrest, she also says lots of women can identify with her choice of bad boyfriend

Ghislaine in Chains: What Maxwell May Know About Jeffrey Epstein’s John Does

The secrets of what happened at Jeffrey Epstein’s homes between her “nubiles” and many powerful men will sit with the jailed socialite in a Tallahassee prison. Will she ever squeal?

Sex-Trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell Lands Low-Security Prison Digs

Maxwell's latest penal accommodations are the ultimate in federal convict clout—with yoga, Pilates and movie nights all on offer

Ghislaine Maxwell Gets 20 Years for Sex Trafficking Teens with Epstein

”I hope my conviction and harsh incarceration brings you closure,” the convicted preditor told her victims in court Tuesday

Accused Epstein Madam Ghislaine Maxwell Will Reportedly Offer $28.5 Million to Get Out of Jail

The alleged participant in Jeffrey Epstein's abuse has also apparently offered to reveal her husband's identity

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Lawyers Are Pissed at the FBI

According to a court brief, attorneys representing the accused sex trafficker would have opted for a "plain vanilla surrender"
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Ghislaine Maxwell Headed for Court in New York, Where James Comey’s Daughter Is on the Case

Prosecutors have asked for a Friday hearing for the Epstein-connected socialite and also want discovery materials associated with the case to be subject to a protective order

Alleged Epstein Recruiter Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested for ‘Almost Unspeakable’ Crimes

The British socialite was taken into FBI custody at a rural New Hampshire estate today
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Was a Local Lawyer Behind Those Weird Photos of Epstein’s Ex at In-N-Out?

When fishy images of Ghislaine Maxwell went viral, some outlets pointed a finger at attorney Leah Saffian