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George Takei’s Allegiance Sheds Light on a Dark Period in U.S. History

Japanese internment during WWII is heavy material for a Broadway musical, but it works

George Takei Saves WWII Artifacts, Wins Award

The Japanese American National Museum is the new home of 400 Japanese American incarceration relics

The New Entourage Trailer is a Smorgasbord of Celebrities

Hollywood’s favorite hang-arounds get the silver screen treatment
George Takei - Live Long and Prosper

George Takei on How to Live Longer and Prosper

Nearly five decades after he broke out as Sulu, the 77-year-old actor and activist makes a case for the third act

Meet the Steampunk Puppy that is Nipping at Mickey Mouse’s Heels

This year's Oscar nominated animated shorts are screening at the Nuart for the next two weeks. The House of Mouse is a likely frontrunner, but we've got some other favorites

George Takei

My father knew my theatrical bent. “There is a form of theater that’s dying,” he said. “I’ll take you to see it.” This was not long after we came...