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George Papadopoulos Swears His Run for Congress in California Isn’t a Joke

The infamous Russiagate “coffee boy” nearly sank Donald Trump’s presidency. Now he’s moved to L.A. to become the new face of the GOP
katie hill's seat

Hollywood Power Brokers Are Rallying to Keep a Dem in Katie Hill’s Seat

A high-profile fundraiser is reportedly being organized for their pick: Assemblywoman Christy Smith
papadopoulos twitter war

Former Trump ‘Coffee Boy’ George Papadopoulos to Run for Katie Hill’s Seat

After famously spending a dozen days in prison for lying to the FBI, Papadopoulos is eyeballing California’s 25th district
papadopoulos twitter war

Russiagate Convict George Papadopoulos Is at the Center of a Twitter War Between His Wife and Mom

The former Trump advisor and recent L.A. transplant might want to sit this one out