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Dave Chappelle Attacker Charged in Attempted Murder of Some Other Guy

L.A. District Attorney George Gascón says he's charging Dave Chappelle's alleged assailant with a felony after all, for a different crime

Trans Child Molester Tried as Minor by D.A. Gascón Charged with Murder

Convicted molester Hannah Tubbs identified as male when she attacked a child in a bathroom and gloated when Gascón charged her as a child

Rick Caruso Bans George Gascón Recall Supporters from His Malls

Rick Caruso says he’s in favor of recalling District L.A. Attorney George Gascón but he’s telling petitioners to keep out of his high-end shopping centers

Top L.A. Prosecutors Claim Retaliation by D.A. Gascon in New Lawsuit

Two deputies of District Attorney George Gascon are suing L.A. County claiming they were demoted for opposing 'unlawful' reforms

Mutiny in the District Attorney’s Office

By vote of nearly 98 percent, Gascón’s own deputies want him gone

Law-Enforcement Unions Join Effort to Recall George Gascón

County prosecutors and sheriff's deputies get behindthe new effort to oust L.A.'s controversial DA

Gascón Recall is Being Funded by Hollywood Power Players

Once dismissed as a Trumpist sideshow, the campaign to recall the controversial DA is being bankrolled by a surprising list of progressive donors

Who is to Blame for L.A.’s Cargo Train Thefts?

Union Pacific’s director of public affairs estimates that the company has sustained losses of $5 million so far

Good Cop, Bad Cop: The War Between The Sheriff and the D.A.

What could mortal enemies Alex Villanueva and George Gascón have in common? How about everything. (And nothing.)

As Crime Shoots Up Across L.A., A Defiant D.A. Sticks to His Guns

At a combative press conference surrounded by progressive DA’s from around the country, George Gascon insisted his controversial policies had nothing to do with the city’s spiraling crime rates