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Veteran Prosecutor Pens Burn Letter to DA George Gascon On Final Day

Mark Burnley insinuated that his soon-to-be-former boss was incompetent—and his office is a ”managerial dumpster fire”
John Legend GTA

Deputy DA Says John Legend Got VIP Treatment in L.A. Grand Theft Auto

A George Gascón underling says the L.A. DA treated John Legend as anything but an “Ordinary Person" when his Porsche got nicked
District Attorney George Gascón

Recall Gascón Backers See Hearing Over Invalidated Signatures Moved Up

Citizens hoping to recall District Attorney George Gascón have been granted an expedited hearing over fraudulent petition signatures

EXCLUSIVE: Recall Recount? Lawsuit Could Bring Gascon Removal to Special Election

After a second effort to bring his removal to voters fell short, Gascón's opponents will take the L.A. County Registrar to court
marilyn manson

L.A. Sheriff Sends Marilyn Manson Sex Crime Probe to D.A. Gascón

After a 19-month investigation of sex abuse allegations, the district attorney will decide if he can make a charge against Manson stick

Trio Charged in Daylight Rolex Robberies and Pistol Whip Attacks

District Attorney George Gascón said the majority of the victims in the brazen crime spree were Asian American

Man Sentenced in Shooting Rampage That Left 5 Dead

An ex-convict from Sylmar who carried out a shooting rampage that left five people dead in the San Fernando Valley, including three on the same day, was sentenced today...
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L.A. District Attorney George Gascón Will Not Face Recall

The embattled reform-crusading district attorney survived facing a recall election by about 47,000 signatures

Cop’s Perjury Charge Ends Long Beach Man’s 39-Year Sentence

Miguel Vargas spent more than a decade in prison but will be freed now that the officer who testified against him lied in a separate case
george gascon

Gascón Recall Clears First Hurdle as Signature Count Begins

A random sampling of recall signatures was “sufficient” to allow a full check of all 715,833 submitted to oust D.A. George Gascón