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los angeles stonewall history

Before Stonewall, the Queer Revolution Started Right Here in Los Angeles

L.A. gays launched the movement (and the battle cry) that shook the world

The Original Hipsters Moved to Silver Lake Over 100 Years Ago

Artists, activists, architects, and socialists have long called these hills home

These Nondescript Stairs in Silver Lake Are Actually a Memorial to a Gay Rights Game-Changer

It was here in a small house that legendary activist Harry Hay founded the influential Mattachine Society

10 Fictional Couples Who Can Finally Get Married

Inspired by the New Yorker cover, here are 10 other couples who can finally get hitched.

Eyes on the Pride

Forty-three years ago on June 28th, three activists begat a cultural juggernaut on Hollywood Boulevard: the world’s first street-closing gay pride parade.