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50 Years of L.A. Pride in Pictures

How a modest march for civil rights became the biggest party in L.A.

How ‘Queer As Folk’ Star Johnny Sibilly First Reacted to Show’s Mass Shooting Storyline

“I always forget that your body doesn't know that you're acting," actor tells LAMag

Parties! Concerts! Dueling Parades! Your Essential Guide to Pride 2022

From parades to parties to ballgames and art shows, a select roundup of pride events in June (and all summer long)

The Story of How West Hollywood Came to Symbolize LGBTQ L.A.

To trace the city’s transformation into Boystown is to trace the gay liberation movement as it took root throughout L.A. in the 1960s
Reverend Troy Perry

“We’re Going to Do a Parade. This Is Hollywood.”

Reverend Troy Perry, the surviving founder of L.A.’s 45-year-old Gay Pride Parade, looks back on starting a global tradition

Slide Show: L.A. Fashion In The 1980s

The Los Angeles Herald-Examiner captured the look of the city for more than 100 years

Walk It Out: LA Tourism Curates The Ultimate LGBT Walking Tour

LA Tourism is celebrating this week’s ruling on DOMA and Prop 8 (and this month’s Pride festivities) in a very appropriate way: with an LGBT walking tour itinerary.