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Gavin Newsom Blasts Texas Governor’s ‘Absolutely Reckless’ Lifting of COVID Safety Rules

California's governor made comments critical of Greg Abbott, who announced Tuesday that he's scrapping the mask mandate and opening Texas "100 percent"
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Is Gavin Newsom Blowing It?

Dining out during lockdowns. Fumbling the vaccine rollout. With a recall effort gaining steam, California’s once-golden governor is fighting for his political life
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Want to Bet that Newsom Gets Recalled? Bookies Say the Odds Aren’t Good

Oddsmakers around the world are placing bets on the future of California's governor
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Will L.A. Congressman Adam Schiff Be California’s Next Attorney General?

It's up to Governor Gavin Newsom who'll replace Xavier Becerra, but sources say Schiff has been lobbying for the gig
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As Gov. Newsom’s Approval Rating Craters, Would-Be Candidates Line Up to Replace Him

As a recall effort rolls on, here are the people who've inserted themselves into the conversation
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Authorities Probe ‘Shocking’ Threats Against Gov. Gavin Newsom and His Family

Newsom's hospitality company, which was placed in a blind trust when he became governor, has also been the target of extremist ire
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Read Up on New California Laws Now in Effect for 2021

Consumer protections, a minimum wage hike, and new rules regarding workplace covid outbreaks
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Governor Gavin Newsom Still Taking Heat for Attending a Napa Valley Birthday Party

A sincere mea culpa hasn't kept critics crying hypocrisy at bay
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Right-Wing ‘Guerrilla Artist’ Hangs Portrait of Gavin Newsom’s Severed Head in Venice

The guy behind the stunt has become known for similar ones

The Trump Administration Reverses Course and Approves Wildfire Relief for California

The president is refusing to issue emergency aid for an estimated $229 million in damage during the worst fire season in state history