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Newsom Nixes Climate Programs as Budget Bonanza Plunges to Deficit

In May, California was looking at a surplus of $100 billion. Then inflation and the threat of recession sunk the state into the red

Fed Judge Strikes CA’s Anti-Gun Response to Texas Anti-Abortion Law

Gov. Newsom wants the CA law reacting to a Texas rule deputizing any local yokel to sue almost anyone for abortions to be heard by SCOTUS

Newsom Warns CA Will ‘Break’ Under Migrant Influx as Title 42 Expires

Title 42, a Trump/pandemic-era policy that rapidly expels migrants from the U.S., is about to end—with major implications for California

Gavin Newsom Unveils Punishment Plan for Big Oil Price Gouging

Oil companies that make excessive profits would be fined, Newsom says, and the money given back to Californians

Newsom Swears He Won’t Run for Prez, No Matter What Joe Biden Does

One of the few Democrats with anything going for him nationally, CA Gov. Gavin Newsom still will not cop to nursing presidential ambitions

Unhappy with Homelessness, Newsom Withholds $1 Billion, Scolds Locals

Gov. Newsom demands that officials around the state “do better” against homelessness, and is keeping $1 billion until they do

Newsom Torches Abbott and Denies Presidential Bid at Tex Press Fest

Gavin Newsom popped down to Austin, where he burned Greg Abbott on his home turf and said he's not doing a presidential run

In War on GOP, Newsom Buys Billboards, Demands Debate, Calls for Feds

Gov. Gavin Newsom and his southern counterparts dialed up fresh, hot salvos in their forever war culture campaigns

Newsom Asks DOJ to Probe Florida, Texas Migrant Relocation Schemes

With Govs. Abbott and DeSantis busing and flying migrants to northern cities, Newsom suggests it’s kidnapping

How California Avoided Rolling Blackouts in Historic Heat Wave

On Sept. 6, the power grid hit a peak demand of 52,061 megawatts—a new all-time record, according to state power authorities