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Average Gas Price In L.A. Drops to Lowest Level Since March

The average price has dropped 98 cents since rising to a record high of $6.462 on June 14
California Gas Prices graph

Getting Hosed: We All Know That Gas Prices Are Off The Charts, But Why the Disparity?

If California were a country, it would have the seventh highest gas prices of any nation on the planet

Viral Tweet About Low Texas Gas Prices Sends Californians into a Frenzy

When a reporter tweeted that gas prices in Texas had dipped below $4, several Californians—and CA haters—jumped to share their grievances

No One is Feeling Pain at the Pump Like Rural Californians Right Now

This week, the five counties with the most expensive gas prices in the state were Mono, Humboldt, Del Norte, Trinity and Napa

Lyft Joins Uber in Adding Temporary Fuel Surcharge

“Given the rapid rise in gas prices we’ll be asking riders to pay a temporary fuel surcharge, all of which will go to drivers,” Lyft spokesperson CJ Macklin said.

Gas Prices Low for Thanksgiving… and Dropping

Let's not all hit the road at once, though
Gas App

The Gas App That’s Been Downloaded 50 Million Times

The increasing cost of oil is good news for GasBuddy

Here’s Why Gas Prices Are Crazy Low

The gift of <$3 fuel will continue through the holidays

American Auto Sales Get a Goose From Cheap Gas

Petrol that's less than three bucks a gallon has even made its way to SoCal

You Don’t Actually Pay More At the Pump Than Everyone Else

Turns out Chicago’s gas prices are the most expensive in the country