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With his band, Tubeway Army, Numan pioneered electronic music in the ’70s, and his solo career fused punk swagger with a synth twist. Over three nights he reprises his...

The Rarely told Story of the World’s Most Famous Song About Automobiles

Gary Numan's 35-year-old "Cars" was more than catchy

Top Tickets: La Santa Cecilia, Gary Numan, and Boogaloo Assassins Play Gigs in L.A. This Week

This week's must-see L.A. shows include an electronic music pioneer, a troupe of freshly minted Grammy winners, and modern purveyors of Afro Caribbean jazz

Gary Numan: An Alien of Extraordinary Abilities

Among all of L.A.'s expat British musicians, Gary Numan may be the most incongruous. He still has the inky black mop top and the dark, agro-goth musical leanings, but as of about a year ago, he also has a home and a life in sunny Los Angeles.

Brother/Sister Duos, Electro Soul, Afro Pop, and Old Fashioned Punk Round Out The Week’s Best Concerts

This week's must-see L.A. shows run the gamut from soulful to aggressive.