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Le Comptoir

The Kuh Review: Le Comptoir

Chef Gary Menes’s ten-seater, Le Comptoir, will have you rethinking plant-based cooking
Le Comptoir

Too Pretty to Eat: A Photo Tour of Le Comptoir

Get a sneak peek of Patric Kuh’s June review

The Garden Makes the Menu at Le Comptoir

Chef Gary Menes tends a 5,000-square-foot Long Beach garden where he procures as much as 90 percent of his vegetable-driven tasting menu

Le Comptoir by the Numbers

Gary Menes opens his counter-dining experience with a produce-driven six-course tasting menu at Koreatown’s Hotel Normandie

Coming Soon: Blaze Pizza, Le Comptoir, DBA, and More

Looking ahead at the dining landscape.

The Vegetable Sculptor: Gary T. Menes

Almost instantly after it launched, the semi permanent pop-up became famous for Menes’s bravura execution of deceptively simple vegetable dishes