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around the house

6 Things You Can Do Around the House to Feel Mentally Better

Easy—and affordable—ways to make your space better for you

This Laguna Beach Landscaper Is Making Masterpieces With Succulents

These drought-tolerant murals are peak L.A.

The Urban Gardening Movement Keeps Growing: City Council OKs Edible Plants for L.A. Parkways

Meaning you can harvest fruits and veggies by the side of the road (without a permit)

East L.A.’s First Community Garden is Underway

Neighbors of the Eastmont Community Center are getting their hands dirty to promote health

Angel City Releases Limited Edition Beer Made with Rooftop Hops

We know farm-to-table, but how about roof-to-bottle?

Veg Out to This Photo Tour of a Pacific Palisades Vegetable Garden

Gardener John Lyons shows us around

Green Thumb: 3 Native L.A. Plants to Grow in Your Backyard

Budding botanists take note: Keith Malone, who volunteers with the Theodore Payne Foundation in Sun Valley, shares three plants that even the most novice gardeners can nurture

Booze and Botany – Yes, They Do Mix

Amy Stewart is neither a drunk nor a botanist, but she has written a book that combines both elements.