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BS Taqueria

Future Nosh: Pozole Bolillo, Your Time Has Come

East Borough has already given us the Pho Baguette. Your move, BS Taqueria

Future Nosh: Dorito Pie Is Better Than Frito Pie

Let's make this happen, Barrel & Ashes

Future Nosh: L.A. Needs the Belgian “Submachine Gun” Sandwich

Could Wurstküche be the place that makes the mitraillette happen?

Future Nosh: Forget the Rice and Make Gumbo Tots

Fried potatoes with sausage gravy are as you good you think

Future Nosh: From Ink.Sack to Ink.Wrap

Michael Voltaggio might want to come up with his own burrito prototype

Future Nosh: Plan Check Meets Little Saigon

Bacon with fish sauce caramel gives this burger Vietnamese funk
Photograph by Josh Scherer

Future Nosh: ChocoChicken Meets Chicken-Fried Steak

Southern fusion fantasies become reality with this biscuit sandwich

Future Nosh: Kogi Meets Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap Supreme

This is what happens when you put double-caramelized short ribs in a hexagonally folded tortilla