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What’s in a Name? Our Roads’ Romantic Alter-Egos

That which we call a Cahuenga by any other name would be as slow

Taking the “Free” Out of Freeway: Investing in FasTrak ExpressLanes

Certain carpool lanes are now open to anyone—for a little cash. Here’s how to get in on the action

Slow and Steady: Could Hypermiling Reduce Gridlock?

This “anti-traffic driving” method may lower your blood pressure and raise your mpg

Freeway of Milk and Honey: Not-So-Sweet Big Rig Accidents

No use crying over these truck spills, even though they can cause millions of dollars in damages

The Jayne Mansfield of Freeways: Drama on the 710

The long-standing debate over how to extend the 710 into Pasadena may finally be coming to an end

CityDig: When Trolley Tracks Divided the 101

Trolleys and autos had shared the Cahuenga Pass since 1911, but today the sight of a Pacific Electric red car using a modern freeway structure strikes the viewer as somewhat anachronistic

Dick Van Dyke Leaps From Burning Jaguar

87-year-old film legend unscathed

L.A. Freeway Fun Map

Boston design firm creates stylish new guide to L.A. freeways