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The L.A. County Freeway That Belches the Most Smog

The 60 is a pollution monster of epic proportions

Some DTLAers Want to Put a Park Over the 101 Downtown, Too

Putting green space over the sunken freeway would right a decades-old wrong

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The most sensible options have billion dollar price tags

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The 710 Recently Sported a Typo Bigger Than an SUV

Thanks for the laughs, Caltrans

This Video Shows a Traffic-Less Los Angeles

Filmmaker Russell Houghten re-imagines the 101 as a skate park

What’s In a Name: Let’s Ditch Those Freeway Numbers

Wouldn’t it be better if driving wasn’t all 10s and 110s, but Gardenas and Artesias?

What’s in a Name? These Highways Wear More Hats Than James Franco

Find out which highway was named after both Christopher Columbus and Sonny Bono