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A New Frank Gehry Development for Santa Monica Gets Approved

It'll have everything, including a fine hotel with public rooftop deck, but not a lot of parking, as the city thinks that's from a bygone era

Not All of L.A.’s Architectural Marvels Are Vintage

Peek inside a new book that celebrates more recent additions to the city's beautiful built environment
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These 8 Buildings Explain Frank Gehry’s Influence on L.A.

In honor of the ultimate star-chitect’s 90th birthday, we look back on how he’s changed the city
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Take a Peek at Frank Gehry’s New DTLA Tower

The Grand has officially broken ground
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How Proper Urban Planning Can Cure What Ails L.A.

The dean of USC's School of Architecture has big ideas about what L.A. should look like

Frank Gehry’s Next Mega-Complex Will Change the Look of Downtown Forever

Progress is finally in sight for this long-awaited project

This Mid-Century Hollywood Bank Is Facing Demolition

The Los Angeles Conservancy just filed a lawsuit in hopes of saving Lytton Savings

Want to Go to Jackie Treehorn’s House from The Big Lebowski?

A tour of the famous house is up for auction, along with other cool experiences and items

Ugly or Visionary? L.A.’s New Buildings Are Either Case Studies of Architectural Ambition or Cautionary Tales

L.A. has always been a place of experimentation, but now it appears to be in a design arms race