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FRAMED: “Maybellene Kennedy” Isn’t Telling You Anything

A look at one striking image from Mercedes Helnwein's new exhibition

Framed: Clementine Hunter’s “Cotton Crucifixion” of a Black Jesus

The story behind one of the paintings in the California African American Museum's new soul stirring exhibition

FRAMED: An Architectural Sleeve of Glass and Grass for the NHM That Was Never Built

Gigantic concrete and glass saucers in Runyon Canyon, a three-mile-long people mover in downtown--a look at the L.A. that was never built.

FRAMED: Great Caesar’s Ghost–Or At Least, His Image

Today, the name "Caesar" is most often invoked when referring to the Las Vegas slot machine emporium where Celine Dion and Elton John alternate as headliners.

FRAMED: These Jellybeans Weren’t Made for Eating

It's impossible to pass the enormous, shiny specimens in West Hollywood without experiencing a pang of glee