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Framed: Bottles and Cans, Tortilla Makers and Paintbrushes, Scraps and Bottlecaps are All Part of the “Empire of Love”

The artist known as Shrine has built a monumental shack in the lobby of the Craft and Folk Art Museum

Framed: The Stuff of Life Looks Like an Angel of Death in “Col Noir”

A new June Wayne retrospective presents a lifelong artistic explorer

Framed: Ramiro Gomez Jr. Maintains a Different Image of Contemporary Art

Young Latin American artists in L.A. explore “Distant Parallels” between cultures in Long Beach exhibition

Framed: Oxnard Ventura, Abstract and Illuminated

The neon lights shine bright in Mary Weatherford’s Los Angeles

Framed: Get the Gift of Love and You’re Perpetually in Debt

A massive retrospective dedicated to L.A.’s own Mike Kelley comes to MOCA

Framed: Not Seeing the Light at LACMA

Helen Pashgian’s new installation plays with light and how we perceive it

Framed: If Andy Warhol Visited an Asian Supermarket…

"LA Heat" tells a tale of two made-in-L.A. hot sauces, Sriracha and Tapatío

Framed: Ernest Hemingway, Icon

54 portraits at Peter Fetterman offer eclectic glimpses at greats of the 20th century

Framed: Yoshitomo Nara Introduces “Lucy” and Friends to Los Angeles

The manga-influenced artist busts out the bronze in his latest Blum and Poe exhibition

Framed: The Witkin Brothers, Not Separated at Birth, Reunited at 74

Twin brothers, painter Jerome and photographer Joel-Peter Witkin in a rare joint exhibition