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Fox Corp. Nabs Gossip Machine TMZ for an Estimated $50 Million

The Murdoch-owned media giant is betting big on celeb gossip
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In Supremely Boomer Move, Fox Applies to Trademark the Phrase ‘OK, Boomer’

And the network isn't the first to try to cash in
emmys host 2019

Who’s Hosting the Emmys This Year? Maybe No One

With noms out this morning, insiders say the Emmys could go the way of the Oscars
jussie smollett why were charges dropped

Jussie Smollett Was Indicted on 16 Felony Counts and All of Them Were Dropped

In a dramatic turn of events, the Empire star is off the hook—and Chicago brass is not happy

Adam Scott Doesn’t Really Understand Your Obsession With Li’l Sebastian

The actor is back in Fox's Ghosted (premiering October 1)

Character Study: Mean Girls Wear Pink

Scream Queens’s Emma Roberts and Co. are the most stylish schemers on TV this fall. Here’s how to steal their look

Character Study: Empire’s Cookie Lyon

Color, prints, and tight fits do a ballsy ex-wife well

The Truth is Still Out There

FOX TV and X-Files creator Chris Carter have confirmed the hit show, which ended in 2002, may be returning soon
Zack and Valerie

So You Think You Can Dance Season 11, Episode 14 Recap: One Last Look Before the Big Vote

The show presents a jam-packed penultimate evening of dancing to sway audiences for one last vote