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Tucker Carlson Blames California as He Doubles Down on Racist ‘Replacement’ Rhetoric

As the Anti-Defamation League calls for Carlson's ouster, Fox Corp CEO Lachlan Murdoch stands by the host
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Fox News Projected Biden Will Win Arizona. Trump and Co. Didn’t Like It

The early projection turned into an on-air showdown
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A Federal Lawsuit Accuses Fox News Anchor Ed Henry of Rape and Other Hosts of Harassment

Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Howard Kurtz are accused of sexual harassment in a suit filed by two former Fox News employees
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Chuck Woolery Denounces COVID-19 ‘Lies’—and then Says His Son Tested Positive

The former game show host and right-wing podcaster deactivated his Twitter account after making the announcement
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Rupert Murdoch’s Family Members—Including Wife Jerry Hall—Are Donating to Dems

More than one member of the Murdoch clan has sent checks Joe Biden's way
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Fox News Can’t Stop Running Faked Images of Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

The network's website and hosts have been using doctored photos and mislabeled footage to get conservative viewers fired up about CHAZ
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Fox News Chairman Tells Staff to ‘Understand that Black Lives Matter’

Based on recent coverage, it's unclear whether the network’s talking heads are receptive to Lachlan Murdoch’s message
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Did KTLA Punish Anchor Courtney Friel for Publicly Accusing Trump of Harassment?

The suit arrives on the anniversary of Timothy Dean’s death at Ed Buck’s home
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How Does ‘Bombshell’ Compare with the Real-Life Fox News Scandal?

From the key players to the biggest creeps to a disgusting reference to hamburger meat, we break it all down
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It’s Been a Full Year Since Fox News Dispatched a Tweet

Incidentally, the conservative news network's last post was about a DACA ruling