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Newsmax Splits with Lara Logan After ‘Dine on Blood of Children’ Tirade

Lara Logan's hot takes cost her another gig, this time at Newsmax, for saying world leaders want us to eat bugs while they feast on kid blood

Lachlan Murdoch Threatens to Sue Aussie News Site for Jan. 6 Allegations

Murdoch, CEO of Fox Corporation, says an article suggesting that the Murdochs held responsibility for the January 6 attack was defamatory

Tucker Carlson is Reportedly a Mess Over Fear of Alex Jones Phone Leak

Fox News host Carlson is quite put out, apparently, over what he and his fellow conspiracy theorist may have shared in unguarded moments

Glendale Becomes Recipient of Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

A Glendale teacher was transferred from her classroom for showing Gay Pride videos

Caitlyn Jenner Says Fox News Role Is More Fitting Than CA Governor Run

"I just don’t like to see what’s happening in our country right now,” Jenner tells LA Mag at Steven Tyler's Grammy Party.  
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Will Caitlyn Jenner Fit in with Her Fox News Colleagues?

The transgender Olympic gold-medalist is officially joining the conservative network where her colleagues will include Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, Jesse Watters Have Bones to Pick With ‘SNL’ and Reddit

The two cable news hosts take on Kate McKinnon's impression and the social platform's "non-working" movement, respectively

Fox News Doesn’t Want You To See Its Latest Interview With Donald Trump

Why was Sean Hannity’s off-the-wall exchange with 45 mysteriously 86’d?

Fauci Wants Fox’s Jesse Watters ‘Fired on the Spot’ for ‘Kill Shot’ Comment

The nation’s top infection doc wants the talking head canned, but Watters’s supporters say Fauci needs a primer in basic rhetoric

What Chris Wallace’s Surprise Move to CNN Means for Fox News

The longtime news anchor shocked viewers with news of his exit during Sunday's broadcast of "Fox News Sunday"