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Forever 21 CEO Says Hervé Léger Collaboration is Kickoff to ‘Unexpected’ and ‘Empowering’ Year

"The timing of this launch is truly aligned with our larger brand transformation," CEO tells Los Angeles Magazine

Forever 21 Pulls ‘Koreatown’ T-Shirt After Outcry

Some observers thought the fast fashion brand's homage to the L.A. enclave looked a little too familiar
is forever 21 closing bankruptcy

Highland Park-Born Forever 21 Files for Bankruptcy

The fast fashion empire could be the next victim of a “retail apocalypse”
ariana grande forever 21 lawsuit

Ariana Grande Is Suing Forever 21, Claiming They Used a “Look-Alike” in Instagram Ads

One authentic Ari ’gram costs “well into the six figures," so Forever 21 opted for a knock-off