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With just three games left in the college football season, how we think UCLA will wrap things up

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USC’s loss to Washington State adds up to just one game. But what a meaningful loss it was.

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Put us in, coach! We want to know why we don’t have a team anymore

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After last night’s game, are you feeling what we’re feeling?

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You love L.A.—the weather, the tacos, the culture. But when it comes to football, you root for your hometown team. Here's where to do it.

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From the Bears and the Broncos to the Packers and the Saints, whatever your NFL team, we've found your watering hole.

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A look at the cross-town rivals’ strengths and weaknesses as they head off to fall camp

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Another year, another round of speculation as to when Los Angeles will once again become a pro football city.

Gridiron Glory: New Sports League for Adults Debuts in L.A.

Combining social hour, team sports, and feel-good charity, ZogSports L.A. might be the perfect cure for your Sunday afternoon lull

Foam Finger: Trojan Football Hardly Fighting On

This is the role reversal that’s felt inevitable; the one I’ve been fearing since UCLA’s big November win