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First Episode of ABC’s The Taste Gets Lukewarm Reviews

Sounds like the first episode of ABC's The Taste left a bad taste in many people's mouths. Still a bit early to call it a total hit or miss, but here are some of the comments we found floating through Twitter.

ABC’s The Taste Premieres Tonight

When I think of things the world needs more of, food television shows aren’t exactly at the top of my list. That said, I kinda like the premise of The Taste, premiering tonight on ABC.

CBS Baking Show Casting Call: Saturday at Chefs Inc. in West L.A.

It looks as though the big TV networks are hoping to capitalize on the cooking show zeitgeist that’s taking over the waves. The creatively named CBS Baking Show is currently casting for their first season.

Food Network Star: Season 9 Casting Call

Think you've got what it takes to have your culinary talents exploitedshowcased on national television? The Food Network is hosting an open casting call for season nine of Food Network Star on Monday in Burbank. While we still haven't made up our minds about the show—season six did bring us the delightful Aarti Sequira, but season two spawned the amuse-douche that is Guy Fieri—we're putting it out there anyway in the hopes that one of you would do us proud. So, if you've got cooking skills that are matched only by your "captivating" personality, here's your chance at stardom! Just promise us you won't sell your soul completely