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Food Lover: David Karp, Fruit Detective

The food writer-turned-farmer is the main reason we know the word Pomologist. Here, Karp shows the steps it took to make a career out of obscure fruit

Cover Story: Why We’re Serving Up Three Versions of the November Issue

A mushroom, a pomegranate, and a loaf of bread grace our Food Lovers Guide this year

One L.A. Family’s Decision to Live Off the Food Grid

A Q&A with homesteader pros the Kostiuk family

Food Lover: Ernest Miller, the County’s Designated Canning Pro

"Putting up” is on the up-and-up thanks to Ernest Miller, L.A.’s master food preserver

Food Lover: Dustin Lancaster, L.A.’s Eastside Tastemaker

The guy behind L&E Oyster Bar, the Hermosillo, El Condor, and soon, Hotel Covell talks about the business of food

Food Lover: Celebrity Caterer Barrett Prendergast

A day in the life of the Valleybrink Road owner and executive chef

Around L.A. In 80 Cuisines

When it comes to its variety of international eats, L.A. is peerless. From Singaporean skewers to flaky Serbian Pastries, you can explore just about every country’s cuisine without crossing the county line. Grab your passport (and your appetite) and join us for the trip

Food Lovers Encyclopedia: A

An encyclopedia of good taste: A

Food Lovers Encyclopedia: Aging Gracefully

Long an underground practice, dry-curing meats is on the rise, thanks to L.A.’s first sanctioned salumi bar

Food Lovers Encyclopedia: R

An encyclopedia of good taste: P