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Food Lover: Pascal Baudar, Wild Man

The master forager, wild food adviser, and author spotlights some of his latest delicious finds

Food Lover: Miguel Angel Pozos, Building Community Through Coffee

The general manager of Compañía de Café warms a neighborhood with each shot of single-origin espresso

Food Lover: Oliver Woolley, Pig Farmer

The owner of Peads and Barnetts supplies meat to chefs like Gjelina’s Travis Lett and Sqirl’s Jessica Koslow

Food Lover: Alfredo Gurrola, the Fisher King

The city’s top chefs rely on this seafood purveyor to reel in their catch of the day

Food Lover: Good Food’s Evan Kleiman

A day in the life of the muti-media food maven

Food Lover: Hedley & Bennett’s Ellen Bennett

How she went from Mexican TV star to local apron impresario

Food Lover: Tony Yanow

A day in the life of the craft beer Tycoon

Food Lovers: How Joseph Shuldiner and Kevin West Helped Transform Grand Central Market

This pair of artisanal food pros helped curate the new vendors that have revived the 97-year-old food hall

Food Lover: Rick Nahmias, the Robin Hood of Local Produce

The founder of Food Forward, a local nonprofit, scoops up surplus produce from local farms and donates it to a vast network of charitable agencies

Food Lovers: Good Eggs’ Meg Glasser and Max Kanter

The founders of the farmers market and artisanal goodies delivery service explain how they got here