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L.A. Food & Wine

Pick Six: The Best Bites at L.A. Food & Wine

Downtown got even hotter this year with sizzling newcomers like the revamped Clifton's

Seven Places to Get Your Foie Gras Fix

From steakhouses to a sushi spot to a food truck, here's where you can feast on fatty liver

Essential T: Foie Gras Tacos at Chef Wes Avila’s Guerrilla Tacos

Street food meets fine dining at the celebrated food truck

Game On: Get Foie Gras from a Food Truck

Chef Jean-Paul Peluffo's Fair Game will serve foie gras and lobster sliders on Friday

José Andrés’ Latest Saam Truffle Tasting Is Also a Mini Foie Gras Tasting

The special dinner menu is available through February 28

Dog Haus Biergarten’s Foie Gras Sandwich is Just as Good as Its Puns

The Pasadena sausage purveyor is making the most of its new foie gras supply

Foie Your Consideration: Chefs Rejoice and Make Their Foie Gras Orders

Foie gras is back in L.A., and you'll soon see it everywhere from fine-dining restaurants to food trucks

Where to Get Foie Gras for Free (Legally!) Tomorrow

Oh yeah, by the way, it’s baaaaaack—whether you like it or not

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds California’s Foie Gras Ban

The high court denies appeal by Hermosa Beach restaurant Hot's Kitchen

Will the Supreme Court Overturn California’s Foie Gras Ban?

Thirteen states have petitioned the court to review our culinary prohibition