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Foam Finger: Court Reports For UCLA and USC

How L.A.’s crosstown rivals are faring

Foam Finger: Relighting the Sparks

The L.A. WNBA team is in trouble. Can new owners get it back on financial track?

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Hey, it’s something the whole family can enjoy

Foam Finger: Kobe’s Back

And that’s a win

Foam Finger: UCLA Levels USC—And the Playing Field

Last year’s 38-28 victory could have been considered a fluke, but there’s no denying two-straight rivalry game wins. How Saturday’s game could shape the futures of L.A.’s two teams

Foam Finger: A Pitch For New Dodgers Pitchers

Our off-season trade watch has begun

Foam Finger: Cy Young Award Winner Clayton Kershaw Deserves Better

Why the one vote cast for another pitcher to win this year’s prize was one vote too many

Foam Finger: What’s Next For Bruin Football

With just three games left in the college football season, how we think UCLA will wrap things up

Foam Finger: New Year, New Lakers?

Why the 1-1 team maybe isn’t as bad as it looked Wednesday

Foam Finger: A Cure for The Dodger Blues

Good thing there’s a lot to cheer about this week in L.A. sports