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Foam Finger: Rooting for the Guys in Red

Donald Sterling's despicable comments are all the more reason to support the Clippers tonight

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The team needs to forget last Saturday and repeat Monday's stellar win against the Warriors

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The All-Star point guard is a Clippers man in a Lakers town

Foam Finger: Future of the Bruins Hangs in the Balance

Tomorrow's game against the Florida Gators could put an end to UCLA's tournament run

Foam Finger: A Q&A With Best-Selling Author Jeff Pearlman

Pearlman's new book explores just what made the Showtime Lakers so exceptional

Foam Finger: The Los Angeles Angels Need to Pay Mike Trout What He’s Worth

Without a lucrative contract, the centerfielder could be wearing pinstripes in a couple of years

Foam Finger: The Olympics Don’t Have to Be Extreme to Be Exciting

Sure, halfpipe and slopestyle events are impressive, but hockey invites a passion—a raw, brutal, national pride—that we just don't feel with other events

Foam Finger: Eleven Olympians You Ought to Know

The hotel rooms in Sochi aren't the only thing people are talking about

Seven Things To Know About Richard Sherman In the Seven Days Before the Super Bowl

Want to get through the game of the year without knowing your stats and starters? These talking points should last you all four quarters

Foam Finger: Playing Ka-Ching With Kershaw’s Money

A few ways the best-paid pitcher in baseball history could spend his extra change