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Foam Finger: The NBA War of 2013 Begins

Last night, Clippers point guard Chris Paul did something many of us weren’t used to seeing...

Foam Finger: Smelling Roses in the New Year

L.A. sports from the fan stands

Foam Finger: Bruins Botch Bowl Game

L.A. sports from the fan stands

Foam Finger: What the Lakers Won in D.C.

Last night L.A. basketball fans witnessed the Lakers take down the Washington Wizards, 102-96. It was an important victory, but it served as a double-edged sword.

Foam Finger: The Sport of People Watching at a Basketball Game

Sometimes what happens in the stands more entertaining than the action on the court.

Foam Finger: Playing The Blame Game

There’s something running amok in Lakertown and it’s not just the free throws.

Foam Finger: USC Won Something After All

The USC men’s water polo team captured its fifth-straight NCAA title, defeating UCLA at McDonald’s Swim Stadium 11-10 over the weekend and making history.

Foam Finger: Stanford Beats UCLA in Pac-12 Championship Game

Friday night’s title game, which ended in disappointment for Bruin fans, featured a brand-new SoCal-NorCal rivalry.