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The Power Playbooks: Crossfit

What It IsFirst-time visitors to a CrossFit gym may wonder: Where are the machines? The answer: You are the machine in this conditioning regimen, which relies on exercises like...

The Power Playbook: Spinning

What It Is
➝ Spinning is like riding a bike—if you were speeding over mountainous grades backed by a thumping bass, in a pack of 30 sweaty strangers. Since Mad Dogg Athletics launched the trademark Spinner bike in Santa Monica in 1992, the promise of burning up to 800 calories per ride has lured cardio junkies into the gym. Spinning is 45 minutes to an hour of chest-seizing, gut-heaving intensity. 

Fitness Pioneer Q&A: Andrea Lawent

Photograph by Chris Gash Age: 52Studio: Made in L.A., Hollywood How did you enter the fitness world? I came into it kicking and screaming. I was trained as a dancer...

Let’s Go You Can Do this! C’mon! You Are Gonna Give Me 5 more!

With enough time, money, and sweat, can you achieve an ideal body? Amy Wallace answers that all-too-burning question

The Power Playbook: How to Get Off the Couch

Solutions to the problems keeping you out of the gym

The Power Playbook: Even More Workouts

Personal trainer Justin McLeod, who helps Los Angeles magazine editor-at-large Amy Wallace achieve her ideal body in the January issue, demonstrates six exercises, step by step.