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MamaLA: Keep Your MomBod For The Holidays

With the right tips and tricks, it’s not impossible to stay healthy while indulging in the family-friendly food treats of the season

Pedaling Onward: SoulCycle Opens in Beverly Hills

On Monday, SoulCycle will open its fourth location in Los Angeles--but its first in Beverly Hills.

Crosstown Rivals: L.A.’s Best Mat Pilates

Getting to the core of a great deal on both sides of the hill

The Power Playbook for Getting Fit In L.A.

With enough time, money, and sweat, can you achieve an ideal body? Amy Wallace answers that all-too-burning question

Fitness Pioneer Q&A: Kimberly Fowler

Your business developed out of a series of setbacks?
I had a climbing accident that put me out of commission, and I lost my job as COO of a vitamin company. When I was rehabbing, I would go from a yoga class on one side of town to a spin class on the other. I was very frustrated. I thought, “Why doesn’t someone put this together and open up a yoga and spinning studio?” We launched in August of 2001, right before 9/11.

Fitness Pioneer Q&A: Richard Simmons

Age: 64
Slimmons, Beverly Hills

Fitness Pioneer Q&A: Tony Horton

Age: 54
P90X (available on DVD)

Hot Bods for Less

Coupons can help you enjoy high-end classes at low-end prices. Here’s a cheat sheet

The Power Playbook: 4 Ways To Kick It

Take the pebble from my hand, grasshopper, and be badass

The Power Playbook: Barre

What It Is
➝ A combination of ballet (hence “barre”), Pilates, yoga, and low-impact aerobics, barre workouts are a variation on a regimen that emerged in the 1960s, when German dancer Lotte Berk, looking for a way to gently nurse a back injury, came up with a series of exercises. Early acolytes included Joan Collins and Britt Ekland, which we’d call a stamp of approval. Some of the leg lifts and deep pliés can leave your legs shaking like a Chihuahua’s, but movements can also be so subtle, you’re not sure that much is happening on the outside. It is.