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best jewelry los angeles andrea fohrman

Jewelry Designer Andrea Fohrman Looks Skyward for Inspiration

Her beautiful designs bring the heavens to earth

Hoorsenbuhs Is the Most L.A. Jewelry Company You’ve Never Heard Of

Robert Keith’s baubles are designed in Santa Monica and made downtown

Citrine and Topaz Standouts Make Perfect Gifts for November Birthdays

A few more beautiful things to be thankful for this month
Jurassic Technology

The Museum of Jurassic Technology’s Strange and Beautiful Jewels

The jewelry-box of a museum is an L.A. institution with a giftshop worthy of its cult following

6 Dramatic, Sun-Loving Opal Accessories for October

Opals thrive in direct sunlight--just like Angelenos
Natural History Museum

Meet the Stylish Stars of the New Mummies Exhibition at the Natural History Museum

And take a second look at your bandage dresses and Evil Eye necklace

Let’s All Stop and Praise Sapphires

The September birthstone is royally adored and so much more
Carbon & Hyde

L.A.’s Carbon & Hyde Makes Diamonds for Denim Lovers

A Q&A with the sister designers behind the blingy line

Ten Grown-Up Friendship Bracelets to Never Take Off

We've grown up a bit--but so have friendship bracelets
The Smiley Company

You Should Be Wearing Smiley Faces

A brief history of the happiest symbol on earth