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‘Dog Noir’ Combines Moody Vintage Cinema and Extremely Cute Pets

Local photographer Diana Lundin transports pets and their owners back to the heyday of shadowy cinema
things to do cello symphony la phil

The Best Things to Do This Week in L.A.

From film noir to Phoebe Bridgers

From Refugees to Hollywood Kings: Light & Noir at the Skirball Explores the Shadows of Hollywood History

Laugh at the Nazis, fear the femme fatales, and ogle the Oscar statues
Leave Her to Heaven

The Essential Movie Library #92: Leave Her to Heaven (1945)

It’s shot by Leon Shamroy in a radioactive technicolor delirious enough to make you queasy

Chris’s Picks: Weird and Wonderful Events, March 28-30

Moby leading a parade, Jason Schwartzman explaining teenagers, and secret rituals and Aztec cocktails with Maja the white witch. This is why we love L.A.

The Mystery Of The Monterey Gardens

Noirish cafe photo turns up on eBay

The Essential Movie Library #40: Out of the Past (1947)

Humphrey Bogart acted like he didn’t give a damn when we knew he really did, which was his appeal. But Robert Mitchum really didn’t give a damn.