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Anabel Hernández Risked Her Life to Tell the Story of 43 Missing Mexican Students

The exiled journalist turned her investigative reporting into a book, A Massacre in Mexico

Festival of Books

The annual bash just keeps on growing, as organizers add scores of stalls sponsored by zine fiends and big-time publishers alike

Event Alert: Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at USC

Don’t judge this lit carnival by its cover

All the Food that’s Fit to Print at the Festival of Books

Want to learn a few new moves in the kitchen? Here's where to find the cooking demos at the literary confab

Q&A: Mona Simpson’s New Novel Cracks the Case

A budding Sherlock Holmes discovers more about his parents than he ever wanted to know in Casebook

Ben Fountain Wins Big at LA Times Book Prizes

It's hard to know what odds Nate Silver would have given himself to win the Science & Technology award at this year's Los Angeles Times Book Prizes, but it's fair to say he was the heavy favorite.