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Fentanyl Deaths Have Risen 1,208 Percent in L.A. Since 2016

White males with money make up most of the fentanyl deaths in L.A., but the numbers are more complicated than that

LAUSD Will Supply All Schools with Narcan After 7 Fentanyl ODs

The L.A. school district is responding after at least 7 Hollywood area high school fentanyl overdoses and one death in one month

At Least 7 LAUSD Teens Overdosed on Fentanyl Pills This Month

The school year just started and 7 L.A. students have overdosed, with cops suspecting the poison pills may have a common source

Two Teens Arrested in High School Overdoses That Left One Dead

The two youths, 15 and 16, were arrested in connection with selling pills that may have caused several overdoses and one death

Nearly 1 Million Fentanyl Pills Seized in Inglewood

The drug bust, which was completed earlier this month, sets a record as the DEA’s largest fentanyl pill seizure in the state.

No Addiction Required: How Fake Drugs Are Quickly Killing Gen-Z

Despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic was still tearing across the country, May 14, 2020 was an otherwise perfect Northern California spring day—particularly on the campus of Santa...

LAUSD Issues Fentanyl Warning After 3 Teens Overdose

The school district issued a health alert warning parents about fentanyl-laced drugs after three students ingested the drugs and nearly died

Orange County Bust Finds ‘Enough Fentanyl to Kill 4.7 Million People’

The Orange County D.A.'s Office also says it's the biggest drug score they've seen in 16 years

Fentanyl Deaths: Prosecutors Want to Charge Drug Dealers With Murder

District attorneys in Orange and Riverside are hoping to charge drug dealers with murder if their customers die from the synthetic opioid
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In L.A. County, Opioid Deaths Spiked During Stay-at-Home in One Particular Demographic

A new study found that opioid-related deaths increased among less-educated white people between March and April 2020