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Aviation Final Approach

Kevin McCoy woke up Sunday morning, wife Debbie beside him, within a gleaming pyramid 36 stories above Las Vegas. South and east of the pyramid, humped carriages of titanium...

The Last Tycoon

Like a figure out of fiction, Arnon Milchan is the kind of mysterious character Hollywood loves to invent. He has produced nearly 50 films, including L.A. Confidential and Pretty Woman, and now he's in business with Rupert Murdoch. Yet he remains the town's most secretive mogul. Could it be the Israeli arms deals?
manson murders

In 1988, People Still Lived in Fear of Charles Manson’s “Satanic Network”

Nearly twenty years after the Manson Murders, Michael Bendrix explored Manson’s place in what seemed to be an expanding web of terror

Mickey Today…

Bill Gilson, a KTTV reporter, is the only Los Angeles newsman to interview Mickey Cohen since his release from prison. The following report is based on his conversation with the former mobster last month.

Mickey Cohen: Memoirs of the Good Days

Late author and screenwriter Ben Hecht wrote this account as part of an unfinished biography of Mickey Cohen in 1958-9.