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Get Hitched

Before minivans and SUVs, families hit the open highway in travel trailers. How one wayfarer rediscovered their lost allure, stumbled on a tribe of true believers, and decided to take the road less traveled

Jodie Foster Sums It Up

She’s focused, she’s critical, she’s downright mathematical. After so many movies, she knows how things work and why they don’t.

The Last Ride of Jesse James Hollywood

Wanted for kidnapping and murder, a valley boy gangsta lives up to his name

Vertical Limit

The library tower is the tallest building in the West. Normally, that would be a point of pride. Since September 11, it has inspired mostly apprehension

Ceiling Fan

At Tom Bergin's, everybody knows my name

The Price Is Right

Why Wall Street loves Dave Gold's 99 Cents Only empire

The Ballad of Music Man Murray

For 50 years Murray Gershenz has sold 78s and CDs, LPs and Edison cylinders. He's a near-lone holdout in an age when music exists as bytes on an iPod. At Music Man Murray, equal parts archive, personal collection, and record store, every sale is a good-bye

Charlton Heston’s Last Stand

Photograph by Brett Panelli In the gilded ballroom of the John Marshall Hotel, they have gathered to bear him witness. Richmond, Virginia, is the last stop on the grueling October...

RIP Bill Thomas

The former chief editor of the Los Angeles Times died on Sunday. In 2000, Los Angeles magazine interviewed 10 of L.A.'s unsung arbiters, including Thomas, who led the Times to national prominence

Lakers: Playing Favorites

In the euphoria of the moment, as nearly 250,000 fans converged on Staples Center for the Lakers' first victory parade in a dozen years, the urge to rhapsodize about...