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The Accidental Ecoterrorist

How after a night of vandalizing SUVs a gifted Caltech student became a threat to homeland security

Grateful Dead

Marilyn Monroe has endorsed cars. Humphrey Bogart's face is on slot machines. Fred Astaire has danced with a vacuum. W.C. Fields sells everything. These stars may be among the dearly departed, but they're earning more money than ever, thanks to the strange but lucrative business of deceased celebrity licensing

Just Call Joan

THE DISTANCE THAT Joan Luther will travel to not taste, smell, or eat restaurant food is astonishing. Take for instance a trip last October, when Luther Flew from her...

Wheeler Dealer

Cal Worthington on how he and his dog Spot sold half a million cars and trucks

How Disney Hall Redeemed Frank Gehry

Gehry has just gifted downtown with its most potent symbol of renewal; such architectural monuments are expansive gestures of what it means to belong to a city.

Master of Illusion

Illustration by Mark Summers In the world of magic, motion trumps sight. The conjurer uses quickness of hand—dexterity misdirection—to confuse the eye, and the judgment, of his audience. In the world...

Face-off: The Confounding Case of Marchioni v. Keyes

One women sued Keyes alleging that a piece of a surgical instrument was left lodged in her face. Another woman sued alleging that an eye-lift performed by Keyes left her unable to shut her eyes.

Lawyers, Tiggers & Bears, Oh, My!

I. In Which We Are Introduced to Winnie-the-Pooh and Some Lawyers, and the Stories Begin HERE IS EDWARD BEAR, known to his friends as Winnie-the-Pooh, sitting upright in an office...


Warhol's most powerful works are often the most jam-packed, which is to say that he managed to turn quantity into quality.

Artless Dodgers

They were once L.A.'s team, proof of the city's ascendance. Now we hardly know their names