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An Intense Look Back at the Griffith Park Fire of 2007

Los Angeles experiences more wildfires than any other American city

10 Intense Southern California Trails For Avid Hikers

If you provide the boots and the gumption, we’ll get you there. A secret waterfall. A lost mountain city. A wild river gorge. Time to hit the trail

Remembering Dave Dutton, and Dutton’s Books

Editor-in-Chief Mary Melton’s farewell to the bookstore and its beloved owner

A Shot In The Dark: The Unknown Story Behind L.A.’s Most Celebrated Photograph

Architect Pierre Koenig’s Case Study House No. 22 was unlike anything ever constructed

The End: What Really Happens After You Die?

Death in L.A. can be an odd undertaking

The One Sheet Wonder

No one makes movie posters like Drew Struzan, whose paintbrushes and pencils have conjured wizards, raiders, and Vaders for nearly four decades

Around L.A. In 80 Cuisines

When it comes to its variety of international eats, L.A. is peerless. From Singaporean skewers to flaky Serbian Pastries, you can explore just about every country’s cuisine without crossing the county line. Grab your passport (and your appetite) and join us for the trip

The Amazing Taste: A Food-Forward Race Through L.A.

Three chefs, 13 cuisines, one day. We challenged L.A.’s hottest up-and-comers to a citywide Ethnic food crawl. Guess the country, eat the food, drive like hell, and win the race.

Los Angeles Magazine’s Most Haunting Longreads

In the spirit of Halloween, we list the true-crime features that spooked us and stayed with us

Let’s Do Brunch

From gooey pastries to towering Benedicts to stiff daytime cocktails, we present a mid morning's worth of indulgence