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Ed Rosenthal

Under the Desert Sun

Scant water. Blistering heat. When prominent real estate broker Ed Rosenthal went missing for six days in Joshua Tree one summer weekend, people assumed that he was a goner. They were wrong.

Left Behind

As an actress, she never rose out of B-grade obscurity, but whe n her mummified corpse was found last year, Yvette Vickers drew the international headlines she’d always yearned for

Moving Violations

You can look at traffic citations as a punishment for bad driving. Or you can view them like rings on a tree. A writer marks the passage of time through tickets

Hello, I’m Attorney Gloria Allred

The rise of Gloria Allred, the highest-profile lawyer in the country
Bernard Cooper

How I Learned to Love Art

It was the 1960s, and Los Angeles was falling for pop art. An aspiring painter recalls his awakening
Bill Harris

Celebrity Endorsements

When you’re famous, even checks you write to the drugstore have value. We peek into the vault of one collector

Between the Lines

That prized garage space or curbside spot you’ve been yearning for may be costing you—and the city—in ways you never realized. A journey into the world of parking, where meter maids are under siege, everybody’s on the take, and the tickets keep on coming
Hammer Museum

The Exhibitionist

Without a creative vision, a museum is just a place to hang some pictures. In the nation’s hottest city for art, Ann Philbin has managed to transform the once-undernourished Hammer Museum into a compelling institution that’s equal parts smart and intimate
Herbert Tanney

The Lady & The Desk

A grateful patient gave Herbert Tanney—doctor to the stars—a piece owned by Mary Pickford. Decades later it mended a broken heart

Curves Ahead

 Click here to see the full fashion featurePhotographs by Williams + HirakawaThis feature was originally published in the November 2011 issue of Los Angeles magazine