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John Deasy

The Takeover Artist

John Deasy is either visionary or delusional, a savior or a Soviet era-throwback. But as head of L.A.’s schools, he has one of the toughest jobs in America

London Calling

From across the pond this month we’ll be cheering on these seven Angelenos as they reach for Olympian heights

Doctor’s Orders

Vibrators and other sex toys are—no pun intended—big business, and nobody in the United States makes more of them than the father-son team who runs the Valley’s own Doc Johnson. Dave Gardetta roams their empire of rubber

End of the Line

Trains do awful things to the people they hit, wreaking gruesome havoc that can haunt those who work L.A.’s rails. Preventing accidental deaths is challenging enough. The suicides? They seem unstoppable

Dave Gardetta’s Top Ten Hits

Read the most popular features by the Los Angeles magazine writer-at-large

The Identity Thief: A Tale of Murder

Randy Kling found his old flame in a sputtering marriage. He was her out. What she didn’t know was that Kling, a lifelong criminal who’d amassed hundreds of aliases, was also a deadly psychopath
June Gloom

Fifty Thousand Shades of Gray

It’s summer in Los Angeles: We embrace the gloom with a breezy explanation and celebration of this weird weather phenomenon
The John & Ken Show

All The Rage

The John & Ken Show has dominated the Southern California airwaves by railing against taxes, raising the alarm against illegal immigrants, skewering politicians, and whipping listeners into a fury. But their enemies have begun to fight, and now John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou find themselves in an unfamiliar place—namely, on the defensive
Umami Burger

Empire of the Bun

Today, burgers. Tomorrow, the world. The Casual-dining revolution of Adam Fleischman and his Umami Group

Never Stop Fighting

The FBI has known about him since his days as a cage-rattling Chicano activist in 1960s L.A. A onetime fugitive and sometime company man, Carlos Montes has kept on confronting the system the only way he knows how. Now the system is closing in